VC Sentiment Surveys

dot.LA regularly surveys the heads of Southern California venture capital firms to get an understanding of what they're seeing ahead for startups and the local economy.
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Much like the rest of the U.S., the Los Angeles region is facing a venture capital slowdown.

Venture capitalists are investing less money and striking fewer deals with L.A. startups lately, according to PitchBook Data and interviews with experts. There’s been a sharp drop in the amount of money flowing back to investors, too, with a decline in public offerings or other exits by VC-backed companies.

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It looks like venture deals are stagnating in Los Angeles.

That’s according to dot.LA’s most recent quarterly VC sentiment survey, in which we asked L.A.-based venture capitalists for their take on the current state of the market. This time, roughly 83% of respondents reported that the number of deals they made in L.A. either stayed the same or declined in the first quarter of 2022 (58% said they stayed the same compared to the fourth quarter of 2021, while 25% said they decreased).

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On the heels of a record-setting year for Southern California’s startup environment, we asked more than 30 leading Los Angeles-based investors for their take on the city’s top venture capitalists. (Specifically, we prompted: “Which L.A.-based VCs impress you the most?”) They responded with the names of 45 peers that they admire—14 of whom made the following list by receiving two or more votes.

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