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Sharon Town Lee ripped off a cluster of laminated public health flyers from the front window of her pet grooming salon in Santa Monica Tuesday.

It's June 15, the day widespread mask mandates and social distancing protocols in California become concepts of the past.

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Beginning Tuesday, vaccinated people can go maskless at concerts, sports events and indoor performance venues. L.A. County health officials made the announcement Thursday, opening the door for a return to a pre-pandemic summer.

More than half (54%) of L.A. County residents over 16 had been fully vaccinated, and 65% had received at least one dose as of June 7, according to the public health department.

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Sports fans and politicians have debated whether college athletes should be able to make money from their fame for years. Less commonly debated, however, is whether high school athletes should be able to do the same.

On Tuesday, Pasadena-based youth sports streaming platform BallerTV announced its new plan to allow high school athletes to make money off their names, images and likeness. How? By joining the NFT craze.

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