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SpaceX is sending a spacecraft right into an asteroid as part of a test tonight to see if that's a viable way to dispel asteroids dangerously close to our planet.

The mission is called the Double Asteroid Redirection Test (DART for short), and it's paid for by NASA, which wants to test out new ways to avoid potentially deadly asteroids careening down to Earth by smashing them up in outer space before they even get close to the planet's atmosphere.

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Amazon plans to launch the first two prototype satellites for its Project Kuiper satellite broadband constellation by late 2022, using rockets currently being developed by ABL Space Systems.

The timeline for testing what's slated to become a 3,236-satellite network in low Earth orbit was laid out today in an experimental license application filed with the Federal Communications Commission. It's the first time that Amazon has specified launch dates in its multibillion-dollar effort to compete with SpaceX's Starlink network, which is already in limited operation.

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"You ready Mr. iPad pilot," a Skyryse promotional video asks before a man who has never driven a helicopter takes off using a tablet.

The Hawthorne-based startups's technology, dubbed FlightOS, strips out many of the technical controls that helicopter pilots rely on and instead presents them in a simple tablet formula.

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