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Courtesy of Roadr

During the summer of 2019, Otiniel Ribeiro was having car issues that left him stranded on the side of the road, often having to wait several hours for AAA to show up.

“That experience left a bad taste in my mouth,” Ribeiro says.

And he isn’t alone. In the last few months, many AAA members have expressed how they also waited anywhere from an hour or more. And in some instances, roadside assistance was a no show.

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Courtesy of Alto

Since dot.LA covered its launch two years ago, Santa Monica-based rideshare company Alto has hired 300 staff members to join its growing team of drivers. But unlike its competitors, Alto classifies every driver as a W-2 employee.

“They're not gig economy workers that show up whenever they feel,” general manager Sevag Konialian tells dot.LA, “they have hours that correlate with the schedule they signed up with.”

Applicants that are interested in joining the Alto family, as Konialian puts it, must fill out a form online with their desired schedule. Once the application is complete, an Alto member reaches out to the applicant for a remote interview. After the interview, the potential driver will receive a driver training course list that they must complete.

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Photo by NASA on Unsplash

As human space tourism ramps up, and we continue to explore deeper into the cosmos, one alarming fact is becoming more evident: Despite decades of human spaceflight, we still have very limited information about how going to space, or staying there for sustained periods of time, affects our bodies.

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