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First came the e-girls, with their chunky hair highlights and fake freckles. Then came the cottagecore girls, with their poufy dresses and elaborate picnics. After them, people donned oversized, white button-down shirts to emulate “coastal grandmother” vibes. And most recently, the “Vanilla Girl” trend convinced folks to try soft sweaters and sweet perfumes to highlight cozy luxury. Sure, it’s easy to scoff at the ephemerality of all things TikTok. But that would be missing the myriad business opportunities that each of these niche, ever-evolving microtrends present for influencers.

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Photo credit: Carlos Acosta

On Wednesday, Los Angeles-based footwear prototyping lab FCTRY LAb raised $6 million in funding. Co-founded by the former head of Yeezy-Adidas Innovation Lab Omar Bailey and former Wall Street executive Abhishek Som, the lab will help independent designers cut down the time it takes for their designs to reach the market. Traditionally, it takes 8 to 12 months to bring a sneaker into production, but FCTRY LAb touts that they can do the same amount of work in one to three months.

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courtesy of Andria Moore

When Adidas announced on October 25th that the company would “stop the adidas Yeezy business with immediate effect,” there were plenty of questions as to what might come of the Yeezy resale market.

One reddit user asked: “Should I buy 30k worth of Yeezys to hold and resell?”

Another person commented, “I got 58 pairs of Yeezy’s and tons of other shoes. I used to have 100 pairs but I sell and trade shoes on the regular. I plan on holding on to these to see what happens. I don’t expect anything drastic to happen anytime soon, most likely a hype train tons of people are going to be looking for them soon to flip.”

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