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Moon Juice—the Los Angeles wellness brand known for its juices, skin care products and adaptogenic Sex Dust—is in the process of raising $7 million in new funding.

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"Learn to do something."

Dermalogica founder Jane Wurwand credits her mother's advice for motivating her and her sisters into higher education and independence. Two of her sisters became nurses. Another became a lab technician. Wurwand studied skin therapy.

"She wanted to make sure that whatever happened, we would have an ability to earn money, to be financially independent with a skill set that we had learned and therefore it could never really be taken away," said Wurwand.

Today, Wurwand is the founder of a multimillion-dollar international brand with a dedicated following. On this week's episode of the Behind Her Empire podcast, she tells her story and what inspired her entrepreneurial passion.

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Dr. Mary Pardee has made gut health her life’s work, leading her to found Modrn Med, a telemedicine and virtual wellness company based in Sherman Oaks.

And it was her own personal experience with intestinal issues that led her to become the kind of doctor that wouldn’t tell her patients that “there’s nothing else we can do,” she told the Behind Her Empire podcast this week.

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