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Courtesy of April Gargiulo

On this episode of Behind Her Empire, Vintner's Daughter founder and CEO April Gargiulo discusses word-of-mouth marketing, natural ingredients and her entrepreneurial north star.

As a child, Gargiulo’s parents wouldn’t let her eat Chef Boyardee ravioli—instead, they gathered the ingredients and made the meal from scratch. Gargiulo said her parents laid the foundation for her refusal to cut corners with cheap ingredients. That ethos first came to fruition when she helped her parents launch a winery, and later became the bedrock for her own company.

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Image courtesy of Heela Yang

On this episode of the Behind Her Empire podcast, Heela Yang, the co-founder and CEO of Sol de Janeiro, talks about how uprooting her life to move to another country helped inspire her award-winning body care line.

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Courtesy of Lauren Wang

Lauren Wang tried period products from all over the globe. What she found was the same product in different packaging.

On this episode of Behind Her Empire, the founder and CEO of the sustainable period care brand The Flex Co. discusses how she came to view herself as an entrepreneur and take on the menstrual industry.

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