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Courtesy of Miso Robotics

The next time you’re having late night cravings and find yourself at a Jack in the Box, there’s a chance you’re munching on burgers and fries made by robots.

The San Diego-based fast food chain is partnering with Miso Robotics, the food tech startup responsible for the burger-flipping robot known as Flippy. After recently teaming up with Panera Bread to install its CookRight Coffee system and with Chipotle on an automated tortilla chip-maker, the Pasadena-based company announced Tuesday it would be sending an upgraded version of its signature burger-flipping droid, the aptly named Flippy 2, to a Jack in the Box location in San Diego in the next several weeks.

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How do we save restaurants?

As the food industry continues to battle supply chain bottlenecks, labor issues, razor-thin margins and the rise of delivery apps, the answer may lie in real estate. Even before the pandemic, in a 2019 report, the National Restaurant Association noted that the coming years would see a gradual trend away from in-person dining as delivery becomes more popular.

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