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Soylent wants you to know it's not the same dystopian tech bro food liquid that it used to be. With a new strategy and an updated formula, the Downtown L.A.-based nutrition tech company is no longer billing itself as the only thing you'll ever need to eat again… although CEO Demir Vangelov says a 100% Soylent diet is still possible, just not recommended.

"We've shifted from being a meal replacement company to a complete nutrition company," says Vangelov.

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Appetize, a Playa Vista mobile ordering service that delivers food at Dodger games and other large venues , just got gobbled up for $415 million by payment and software service SpotOn.

The acquisition was part of the San Francisco-based SpotOn's $300 million Series E funding round led by Andreessen Horowitz that values the company at $3.15 billion.

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In a new LinkedIn post, Sweetgreen co-founder and CEO Jonathan Neman walked back his earlier comments on the coronavirus a week after he proclaimed that "no vaccine nor mask will save us" from the pandemic.

"My intention was not to be discriminatory or to discount the importance of getting vaccinated and wearing masks to combat COVID-19," he said in the new post. "Wearing masks and getting vaccinated works to protect against COVID-19. Full stop."

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