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It's only 11am, but Brian Volk-Weiss is on his 7th or 8th meeting of the day when we finally get a chance to talk. No surprise there—who has time for sleep when you've got over over a dozen different projects in post-production alone?

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Disney is banking on spin-offs of "Star Wars" and Marvel universes to help boost subscribers to its streaming services. On Friday, the entertainment giant rolled out its plans for the upcoming years including bringing the already debuted "Shang-Chi" and "Jungle Cruise" to Disney Plus.

Two years after it launched, Disney Plus has become a key piece of the Disney content portfolio, and while its executives remain optimistic the service will hit 230 million to 260 million subscribers in the next three years, this quarter Disney Plus failed to keep pace with Netflix's growing consumer base.

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The average American adult uses more than three streaming platforms every month, but the problem many viewers face with all these options is choice paralysis — the feeling of being overwhelmed by a glut of paid TV offerings.

With each entertainment company inking different carriage deals, one streaming service rarely holds onto a piece of content for long, unless a streamer owns and consolidates its library outright, like Disney Plus or NBC Peacock.

This can make it difficult for users (roughly 82% of the country, according to a recent Deloitte study) to figure out where to stream their favorite content. Niche services like Magnolia Pictures or Tribeca that offer compelling genre-based content but don't have the extensive libraries of their larger competitors, can often be overshadowed.

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