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It's hard to overstate just how painful a process treating burn victims is – for burn victims, air itself is excruciatingly painful. They have to undergo weeks of undressing wounds, cleaning the tender skin of debris, slathering the area with ointment, and redressing it with new bandages, and it is considered one of the most physically painful treatments in medicine. To combat this, most patients rely on consistent and heavy opioid usage.

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The maker of a bowling virtual reality game that takes the sport to the moon, ForeVR Games wants to turn real-life sports into virtual reality experiences.

And it just got a big boost.

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Bitmojis are getting an upgrade on Snapchat with a new 3-D design that rolls out Monday.

Snap Inc. is decking out its avatars with more than 1,200 combinations of poses, gestures and backgrounds like cow prints and beach locations. The new avatars are full-body designs with new "Pixar"-like quality that can be shared on and off the platform.

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