Virtual Reality

The latest news about virtual reality and VR startups in Southern California from dot.LA.

GigXR, a Venice-based startup using virtual reality to train people in medical procedures, has partnered with and received an investment from Oregon-based health care provider Northwest Permanente to develop a range of mixed-reality health care training applications.

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Thunder Studios bet big on the metaverse—and it’s now paying off.

The Long Beach-based production studio and Infinite Reality, the metaverse platform in which it was the lead investor, were acquired this week by Display Social, a social media network that pays creators for their original content. The deal will see Thunder Studios and Infinite Reality integrate their virtual production capabilities into Display’s creator network. Known for producing virtual live events, Thunder Studios notably utilized Infinite Reality’s platform to create a virtual Burning Man experience.

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AmazeVR, a West Hollywood-based virtual reality startup that allows users to experience musical artists’ VR concerts, has secured $15 million in new funding.

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