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Growing up in a South Asian household that had rules around food and eating, Abhilash Patel developed an eating disorder.

Patel never fit the typical profile for someone who has one — most people of color and men don't. But after years of working on a slew of behavioral health companies that dealt with addiction, including and, Patel said he was ready to tackle eating disorders.

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The pandemic has been a disaster for our mental health.

According to the Kaiser Family Foundation, the number of people experiencing depression, anxiety and other mental health issues nearly doubled among Americans. Little surprise, then, that the demand for mental health services has skyrocketed.

As the country grapples with its mental health crisis, Apple has a proposal: Turn to your phone.

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Tucked away in Redondo Beach is a spacious Spanish-style mansion, complete with a majestic common area, stained glass windows that flood each room with light and a Spanish-tiled hot tub that glows under string lights on the mezzanine. In nearly each room hangs a sign: Brazen Bio.

Brazen Bio, an incubator program with logo borrowed from the 'parental advisory' sticker affixed to profanity-laced CDs, has a mission: to help scientists become CEOs.

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