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Evan Xie

Labor shortages are hitting many industries hard, but in senior living homes, lack of staff is even more of a problem, especially in dining rooms. In a bid to support a sagging workforce, some senior homes run by operator Front Porch are trying out hospitality robots.

So far, the Servi robots designed by Redwood City-based Bear Robotics have received a warm reception from both guests and customers. In a two-month pilot program with senior home operator Front Porch beginning in June, four of Bear Robotics’ Servi food running and busing robots were deployed in two Front Porch locations – San Francisco Towers, and Casa de Mañana in La Jolla.

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NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory churns out no shortage of neat science – from the Ingenuity Mars helicopter to the Perseverance Rover and ARTEMIS, but a new project could be their most innovative to date.

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courtesy of Andria Moore

Imagine that early one morning, you receive an earthquake warning, register the alert, shrug, and go back to sleep because your building knows how to handle quakes. It's been through them before and has learned how to adjust to the experience. This may seem like a sci-fi scenario, but a team of UCLA mechanical engineers has recently created a new material that can adapt to changing circumstances through artificial intelligence.

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