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A longtime executive at successful companies, Jay Cormier had been thinking about retiring in 2010.

At the time, Teridian Semiconductor, where he served as vice president and general manager, was acquired for $315 million. Cormier was working on a side project helping some entrepreneur friends with an augmented reality idea.

Around the same time, macular degeneration forced his grandmother into an assisted living facility.

That got him wondering whether AR could help the visually-impaired.

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After getting to know one another, Topography Health’s co-founders realized that they had all witnessed family members try—sometimes unsuccessfully—to access clinical trials for emerging drugs addressing treatment-resistant medical issues.

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GigXR, a Venice-based startup using virtual reality to train people in medical procedures, has partnered with and received an investment from Oregon-based health care provider Northwest Permanente to develop a range of mixed-reality health care training applications.

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