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According to a Forbes report last April, both the viewership and dollars behind women’s sports at a collegiate and professional level are growing.

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LA Tech Week 2023

As the curtains close on yet another exhilarating week of innovation and collaboration, we look back at the remarkable success of LA Tech Week. The event brought together brilliant minds, visionary entrepreneurs, and pioneering tech enthusiasts from all corners of the globe, transforming the California coast into a hub of creativity and forward-thinking.

Throughout the week, lively conversations, fruitful collaborations, and valuable insights were exchanged, forging new partnerships and fueling the future of tech. The vibrant networking events provided the perfect platform for people to connect, share their experiences, and explore avenues for growth. LA Tech Week truly exemplified the power of building meaningful relationships and fostering a community united by a common vision.

As we bid farewell to this exceptional event, here’s a look at an amazing week that brought together venture capitalists, founders, and entrepreneurs from around the world. - Andrew Fiouzi

LA Tech Week Social Highlights

Day 1

Day 2

Day 3

Day 4

Day 5

Here's What Happened in LA's Clean Tech World This Week ♻️

LA Tech Week's climate tech panel unveils funding secrets for green startups.

LA Tech Week: Six LA-based greentech startups to know.

Venture Capital & Finance 💰

SUPERCHARGE LA: access to capital & cocktails.

Here’s what to do at LA Tech Week.

LA Tech Week: technology and storytelling for social good.

Artificial Intelligence 🤖

How Discord and Xbox are working to keep up with AI’s rapid advancement.

LA Tech Week: predicts musicians will invest in training AI to create hit songs.

Grammy award winning singer Miguel doesn’t believe AI can replace artists.

AI could make the art history degree relevant again.

Listen Up 🎧

Behind Her Empire: Alicia Yoon on taking the leap from corporate consultant to starting her skincare brand.

Also 💬

LA Tech Week: female founders provide insights into their startup journeys.

LA Latino/a founders on why authenticity matters in tech.

Why a downturn in esports investments isn’t something to fear.

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Digital marketing agencies have already had to upend their practices to keep up with TikTok’s swift trend cycle. Now, they’re facing another challenge: AI.

On Thursday, marketing experts and AI founders gathered in Playa Vista to discuss how the emerging technology will disrupt the industry.

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