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As employees and employers have scrambled in recent months to adapt to remote work, nothing has changed for GitLab, except that its founders feel vindicated after years of doubts about whether not having an office would harm productivity and scare off investors.

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The online giant is once again postponing its annual sales event due to the coronavirus. Amazon informed sellers of the delay this week, according to media reports.


This week: L.A. County bets on biotech with MarsBio fund, Newsology seeks to compete against Silicon Valley Giants and remote work secrets to success with GitLab and HelloOffice.


Asian, Black and LatinX tech professionals are more likely to send money to their families than their white counterparts, according to a study by TeamBlind, an anonymous social network of verified employees.


Last week it committed a $15 million matching fund loan to MarsBio, a venture fund that will invest in bioscience startups. The funds are part of a wider strategy by the county to invest in the sector with the aim of creating more jobs.