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Gillian Gillett, program manager for the California Integrated Mobility Program at Caltrans, spread over a dozen cards on the floor of the conference room to make a point.

“Poor people wind up with a Pokémon deck in their wallet because we won’t give them the one thing that they actually need — which is a debit card,” she said.

In a workshop at the annual CoMotion L.A. tech and mobility conference, panelists discussed how to make paying for transit both more equitable and more intuitive.

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Image via Financial Finesse Ventures

The venture market is in the midst of a slowdown — which makes it an odd time to launch a new VC arm. But that’s exactly what the financial wellness coaching company Financial Finesse is doing. The company this week launched Financial Finesse Ventures, which focuses on “socially responsible” fintech. Think of it as the polar opposite of the shady trading apps and questionable crypto firms that reigned supreme in 2021.

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