Diversity in Tech

Come browse the latest news about diveresity in technnology in Southern California from dot.LA.

Two weeks before her first son was born, entrepreneur Natalie Gordon became frustrated with the limited options for baby registries. So she created her own — as a side project.

That side project is now a fast-growing, multimillion-dollar business known as Babylist.

Gordon joined this week's episode of the Behind Her Empire podcast to discuss how she built her startup with little VC investment and how the "failure" of her previous business set her up for success at Babylist.

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The reality for most bioscience startups developing drugs is that, if they don't fail, they will be swallowed up by a pharmaceutical giant.

After a decade in the pharmaceutical industry and being involved in developing several high-profile drugs including Humira, Shao-Lee Lin wasn't interested in creating another company for big pharma. She wanted to create the next Amgen.

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When Jessica Toh had her first child, who proved to be an erratic sleeper, she wanted to use her background in computer science and statistics to understand why.

In 2017, she started Huckleberry, an app that aims to leverage AI to predict babies' sleep schedules and help caretakers get some rest.

The Irvine-based app announced it raised $12.5 million on Wednesday led by Morningside Ventures, a science-focused venture capital firm.

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