fractional ownership

On this week's episode of Just Go Grind, hear from Jeff Annison and Paul Scanlan, co-founders of Legion M, an entertainment company that partners with top Hollywood creators to produce movies, TV and digital content. The startup allows fans to invest in its productions for as little as a $100, leveraging new equity crowdfunding laws.

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  • AmplifyX launches next week to offer shares in musicians' future royalty income
  • Its first tranche is two Detroit-based musicians, each of whom are offering 20% of future royalties for $10,000 at an effective $25 share price
  • In the future, Amplify plans to build out a secondary trading market and hopes to expand beyond music and into the broader creator economy

Rising Detroit rapper and singer Rocky Badd has always been about the street, but soon she and her manager Curtis McKinnon will be going public.

Next week, they'll be selling shares worth 20% of Rocky's future royalty income for $10,000. In doing so, they're also hoping to gain a legion of super fans financially and emotionally invested in her success.

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As early investors in buzzy startups like Lyft, SpaceX, Pinterest and Ring, Courtney and Carter Reum have gained a reputation as successful venture investors. Now they are devoting some of their attention and dollars to a decidedly lower tech investment: trading cards. After dabbling in cards as a hobby since they were kids growing up in the Midwest, the brothers want to use what they have learned as VCs to start a fund to procure undervalued cards they hope will someday score big returns.

"Applying that kind of rigor to something that has usually been done by young kids or emotion...I think that's how you get unfair advantages and outlier results," explained Courtney Reum. "I don't want to just dabble a couple hours a week. I want to be with people who really want to actually do this in an analytical way."

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