In-game purchases enhance the gaming experience and create profit for game developers. But what if they were also an investment for gamers?

Los Angeles-based game technology studio Mythical Games is trying to make that happen by bringing NFTs into the gaming world. As blockchain technology and the gaming industry both see a surge in interest, their combination may have been inevitable.

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Sports fans and politicians have debated whether college athletes should be able to make money from their fame for years. Less commonly debated, however, is whether high school athletes should be able to do the same.

On Tuesday, Pasadena-based youth sports streaming platform BallerTV announced its new plan to allow high school athletes to make money off their names, images and likeness. How? By joining the NFT craze.

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The days of paying a lawyer to write up legal documents may quickly be coming to an end.

e-gree, a Los Angeles-based app that allows users to create, sign and transfer legal documents within minutes, closed a $1 million seed round on Wednesday. The new funds will be used for app development, PR and marketing within the United States.

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