virtual reality

Bitmojis are getting an upgrade on Snapchat with a new 3-D design that rolls out Monday.

Snap Inc. is decking out its avatars with more than 1,200 combinations of poses, gestures and backgrounds like cow prints and beach locations. The new avatars are full-body designs with new "Pixar"-like quality that can be shared on and off the platform.

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Venice-based VR company GIGXR is partnering with the Air Force Academy to simulate wartime applications.

Nursing students at the University of Pennsylvania who couldn't make it into the classroom during the pandemic have been examining virtual patients — replete with lesions, temperature and other symptoms — via an app on their phone.

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By the time Nanea Reeves was 16, she had seen the disastrous effects of substance abuse on her mother and sister, and had spent time recovering at a psychiatric hospital where a therapist introduced her to meditation and breathing techniques that helped her cope with the chaos that surrounded her.

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