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  • LA Bars, Gyms and Salons Go Dark Again
  • Fisker set to go public with $2.9b valuation, EV SUV to roll out by 2022
  • Apple Allocates $400M to Affordable Housing in California
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Leaders from across U.S. technology industry are condemning new restrictions on employment-based visas imposed by President Donald Trump this week.

Tech employers say they use work visas to recruit employees for specialized roles when the U.S. talent pool runs dry. Leaders at Amazon, Microsoft, Google, Tesla, YouTube, Apple, Twitter, Salesforce, and other tech companies issued statements criticizing the executive order within a few hours.

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In the next few years, as the world emerges from the novel coronavirus, Netflix will lay claim to nearly as big a footprint in Los Angeles as the most iconic of the city's entertainment companies, Disney. Google, another Silicon Valley implant, will not be far behind.

The pandemic will delay some expansion but likely not diminish it because increased time at home is only increasing the popularity of streaming, and the crisis is expected to make tech giants even more dominant.

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