Tucked away in Redondo Beach is a spacious Spanish-style mansion, complete with a majestic common area, stained glass windows that flood each room with light and a Spanish-tiled hot tub that glows under string lights on the mezzanine. In nearly each room hangs a sign: Brazen Bio.

Brazen Bio, an incubator program with logo borrowed from the 'parental advisory' sticker affixed to profanity-laced CDs, has a mission: to help scientists become CEOs.

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Los Angeles County wants to be a biotech powerhouse.

Last week it committed a $15 million matching fund loan to MarsBio, a venture fund that will invest in bioscience startups.

"It's a big signal to the community that L.A. values innovation here," said Llewellyn Cox, general partner at MarsBioVC. "This is a different way of doing economic development. It's much more cost effective, making surgical efforts to spur industry,"

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The spread of the novel coronavirus has sped the adoption of telemedicine in the United States, eliminating barriers like insurance reimbursements. It's also shone a light on the need for faster vaccines and a need for greater investment in public health, experts said on a dot.LA virtual panel Tuesday that looked at how investors are responding to COVID-19.

A move to telemedicine "was a long time coming," said Dr. Jeffrey Klausner, a professor of medicine in the division of infectious diseases in the David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA. "A lot of doctors and institutions weren't comfortable with that" but now those concerns have been "blown out of the water." Since the pandemic erupted, two-thirds of UCLA medical visits have been done using telehealth.

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