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“League of Legends” video game developer Riot Games is donating over $2 million to social impact real estate fund SoLa Impact’s I CAN Foundation to help the organization bolster technology education programs for underserved communities in South Los Angeles.

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2022 will be a year of growth and momentum around tech equity and ethics.

Independent efforts for racial and gender equity through tech flourished in 2021. Many of us chafe at using the term “DEI” (which stands for “diversity, equity and inclusion”) as it’s become a marketing slogan for some. Instead, we’re designing ways to do things differently so that we can better tackle the ways that tech can be used to enforce inequalities.

Already there are some shining examples of efforts underway. Researchers, activists and journalists are looking into how they can use big data and AI to aid in these efforts.

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Photo by Andras Vas on Unsplash

If you’ve ever gotten a parking ticket in Las Vegas, you’ve probably heard of Papaya.

The fintech company based in Los Angeles can be found on every parking ticket in Las Vegas to make it easier for people to pay their fine.

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