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Photo by Decerry Donato

Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) is notorious for its long Transportation Security Administration (TSA) lines and major traffic jams. Now LAX has technology in place to help decrease delays and wait times and has implemented technology to support a contactless experience.

A few days ago, I was finally able to use the tech that rolled out within the last couple of years. I was at LAX for my first international flight in over 10 years. As an Angeleno, I made sure I left early to give myself time to check in my bag.

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Image courtesy of Zoolatech

Roman Kaplun left Ukraine two weeks before the war broke out. His business partner, Denis Rogov, was there to see the events unfold. Throughout it all, their software development company, Zoolatech, had employees based in Kyiv.

On this episode of Office Hours, Zoolatech CEO and co-founder Kaplun joined host Spencer Rascoff to discuss his journey from immigrant to launching his own company and how he manages a business during wartime.

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Image courtesy of SoLa Impact

It’s a blisteringly hot afternoon as high school students stream out of the Diego Rivera Learning Complex in South Central Los Angeles. What these teens don’t yet know is that a brief walk down the alley behind their bus stops at Central and 60th, there’s an oasis of air conditioning and state of the art gaming equipment waiting for them – SoLa Impact’s Tech and Entrepreneurship Center, sponsored by Riot Games.

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