Innovation thrives with a diverse and inclusive startup community. In an effort to foster this growth, we are thrilled to announce the next virtual pitch showcase, which will be broadcast live at 11:00 a.m. PT on Thursday, February 4th.

We are looking for Southern California startups in any industry founded by entrepreneurs of color and/or women, or by entrepreneurs from low-income or underrepresented communities. Submissions are now open for company nominations to present at the live event. Submissions will be evaluated on a rolling basis. Please contact annie@dot.LA with any questions.

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TikTok is launching an incubator program, "TikTok for Black Creatives," to support 100 Black creators and music artists as it competes for audience among social media sites.

"Black creators on TikTok have been a driving force for our community, from starting trends to fostering connection to introducing new ways to entertain and inspire others, and we're committed to continuing to elevate and amplify their voices," the company said in an announcing the incubator this week.

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We will soon be turning the page on the pandemic of 2020 that has dominated headlines and consumed the conversation in boardrooms across America. Along with the rapid adaptation of digital workforces, we have also seen another growing revolution that is gaining momentum in its quest for change. The year brought with it a duality that kept our attention on the pandemic while at the same time we watched in disbelief as so many occurrences of racial injustice dominated the headlines. COVID-19 may eventually fade from public view, but we cannot allow the issue of pervasive racism to slip below the surface, too. As we move into the next year it is important for us to continue building awareness on the fundamental conversations needed for the country to heal around racial boundaries. Corporate leaders have a vital role to play in that process as we adapt to the technology-driven distributed workforce of tomorrow.

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