diversity in tech

Activision Blizzard employees said more accounts of abuse, harassment and mistreatment are emerging since California filed a lawsuit earlier this month against the company.

In a letter to top executives sent Monday, workers outlined organizing efforts and called on them to create a safe work environment. The letter was released ahead of the company's forthcoming earnings call. At one point, shares dropped nearly 6% in day trading.

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Hundreds of Activision Blizzard employees in Irvine and many more remotely walked off the job on Wednesday to protest a misogynistic workplace culture. They carried signs like "Send the Frat Boys Back to School" and "Every Voice Matters."

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While the predominantly young, white Los Angeles tech scene has made strides to improve diversity, deep inequities remain.

Women earn 78 cents for every dollar made by a male tech worker. Black and Latinx investors are underrepresented at venture firms and the majority of venture investments goes toward white and Asian-owned businesses, according to PledgeLA's survey of Los Angeles tech companies and venture firms released Wednesday.

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