When Anna Ivey, CEO and co-founder of CommonCoach Inc., opened her inbox recently she noticed an email from someone who had connected with her on LinkedIn, but she soon found out he was not looking for a professional connection.

"Your beauty and charming smile caught my eye," the man wrote. "You have an amazing profile and glad I had the courage to write you after weeks of deep thought." He then added: "I hope no offense is taken."

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  • Although Friday's U.S. jobs data show continued declines in unemployment, many economists, such as from ZipRecruiter and LinkedIn, are concerned at the data they're seeing.
  • One of them called the decline in employers' job postings on ZipRecruiter "an early tsunami warning" and a "pull-the-ripcord emergency moment."
  • Several factors suggest pessimism from businesses about the near future, including the recent dry-up of government stimulus alongside ongoing operating constraints due to the pandemic.
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