Watch: Three Health Companies Pitch Investors in Our Startup Pitch Showcase

Watch: Three Health Companies Pitch Investors in Our Startup Pitch Showcase

On Thursday, May 7th, we featured three emerging healthcare startups founded in Southern California as part of our biweekly Virtual Pitch Showcase.

Dr. Mickey Pentecost, co-founder and ceo at Diadem Biotherapeutics, Jennifer Saxton, founder and CEO at Tot Squad and Brian Conyer, co-founder and CEO of GIBLIB presented a high level overview on their products and services to angel investor Spencer Rascoff and Jay Goss, general partner at Wavemaker Three-Sixty Health.

dot.LA Virtual Pitch Showcase: Healthcare Startups in Southern California

About the Companies

Diadem Biotherapeutics is developing novel, engineered exosomes that control immune cells to treat inflammatory diseases. They're more powerful than biologics and more affordable, stable, and doseable than cell therapies. For cells to communicate at a distance, they use secreted vesicles called exosomes. Originally thought to be cellular garbage, exosomes are now a hot new area for therapeutics.

Tot Squad's mission is to help make parents' lives easier by connecting them with the experts they need, virtually and in-person. From birth-related services like doulas to safety services like car seat installation, Tot Squad is here to deliver peace of mind to parents, from pregnancy to the playground. Because every parent needs a squad. Now, you can have your pressing parenting needs answered virtually via our live video link with trained experts, or we can dispatch these same experts to your home for more personal communication, depending on where you live. Thorough background checks, certification checks and training mean our continued mission of providing the best in child-related care is now available to you with the ease of a click of a button.

GIBLIB curates and create high quality educational videos from expert physicians at the leading academic medical centers and stream the library on-demand to medical professionals globally. GIBLIB was founded in 2016 with the vision of providing all health care professionals access to the most knowledgeable experts in medicine. To get started, our founders, Brian Conyer and Jihye Shin, set out to assemble the best academic partners to feature in the educational videos, the most talented creatives in video production to produce Hollywood studio quality content, and the smartest software engineers to deliver the most innovative streaming technologies capable of reaching a global audience.

About the Judges

Jay Goss is a general partner at Wavemaker Three-Sixty Health

​Jay Goss, General Partner at Wavemaker Three-Sixty Health

Jay is a General Partner at Wavemaker Three-Sixty Health, a leading seed-stage healthcare-focused venture capital fund in Southern California. The fund's investment thesis is that after 40+ years, healthcare is transitioning away from fee-for-service to value-based payments, and with that comes a massive amount of disruption. There will be no shortage of clinical operations and business challenges to solve in the coming decade, and entrepreneurs are already coming out of the woodwork to solve these problems. Moreover, countless business models are now for the first time commercially viable because the healthcare industry is embracing value-based payments. The fund counts among its investors 50+ healthcare senior executives, eager and extremely able to add value to the early stage companies in which the fund invests.

Prior to launching Wavemaker Three-Sixty Health, Jay operated dozens of early stage companies all over Southern California.

Spencer Rascoff is co-founder and executive chairman at dot.LA

Spencer Rascoff, Co-Founder, Executive Chairman at dot.LA  

Spencer Rascoff is an entrepreneur and company leader who co-founded Zillow, Hotwire and dot.LA, and who served as Zillow's CEO for a decade. He is currently executive chairman of dot.LA and a board member at TripAdvisor. In the fall of 2019 Spencer was a Visiting Executive Professor at Harvard Business School where he co-taught the "Managing Tech Ventures" course. In 2015, Spencer co-wrote and published his first book, the New York Times' Best Seller "Zillow Talk: Rewriting the Rules of Real Estate."

Spencer is the host of "Office Hours," a monthly podcast on dot.LA featuring candid conversations between prominent executives on leadership, diversity and inclusion, and startups.

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