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Craig Jones, co-founder and CEO of Formative, a platform that helps teachers track real-time student data, wants to live in a world where students don't have to take a final exam at the end of the school year.

Founded in 2013, his software platform allows teachers to see students' level of comprehension and achievement in real time, allowing teachers to assess students as they learn and adjust the curriculum to focus on areas where students may need more help.

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Companies that directly connect creators to users are decidedly in vogue, even in the colorful cuddly world of kids' content.

Encantos, the L.A.-based children's book publisher-turned-edtech startup, plans to include a creator platform on its new app that it will roll out this fall, chief executive Steven Wolfe Pereira told dot.LA.

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TikTok changed the way we watch, shop and discover music. Can it change how we learn?

That's the bet Emile's three co-founders are making. Their TikTok-style app uses short form video to tutor high school students in advanced placement subjects from psychology to literature.

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