There are a lot of companies that offer online lessons for students, but Numerade is betting its combination of tutor-driven service fueled by AI can break through the noise.

Numerade's subscription service boasts a database of over 1.2 million videos covering content for middle school, high school and college-level STEM courses, all made by its certified tutors. Using AI, the company lets users search the database to generate a customized lesson and quizzes for students.

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Venice-based VR company GIGXR is partnering with the Air Force Academy to simulate wartime applications.

Nursing students at the University of Pennsylvania who couldn't make it into the classroom during the pandemic have been examining virtual patients — replete with lesions, temperature and other symptoms — via an app on their phone.

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A little over three months after announcing its Series A, the learning platform Quizizz with users in more than 120 countries announced Tuesday it's raked in a new $31.5 million funding round.

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