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Los Angeles has more electric vehicle chargers than any other American city.

There are over 10,000 chargers across the city thanks to the city's own aggressive "Green New Deal" and the resulting partnerships with local EV companies. The move has attracted several companies to the region.

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First it was 90 days, then an additional 15, and then the forced TikTok sale faded from national consciousness as the presidential election altered the priorities of the country and the Trump administration. Now the Biden administration appears to be hitting the brakes. In court filings, government lawyers filed an uncontested motion to postpone the cases related to a potential ban of the popular social media app.

The request also suggests status reports at 60-day intervals, and states the administration plans to conduct its own evaluation of the matter.

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After seven years trying to make it as an entrepreneur, Josh Malone's dreams and savings were running dry. With a growing family, urgency was mounting for his return to the safety and stability of corporate life. Desperate for a final crack, he asked his wife for patience and built one last prototype – a patented device that could quickly fill and tie multiple water balloons at once, which he called "Bunch O Balloons" – and started a Kickstarter campaign.

Malone raised nearly $1 million from 21,000 backers, and was invited on the national TV circuit, including a feature on the "Today Show."

"That's when it blew up," he recalled.

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