Augmented Reality

The latest news about augmented reality and AR startups in Southern California from dot.LA

Taking their lead from social media entrepreneurs who are creating content from mansions, a new breed of startup incubators and collectives are cropping up across Los Angeles. Their programs were built largely by young entrepreneurs trying to bridge the creator and startup worlds, speak to a generation that has grown up alongside social media.

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There aren't many venture capitalists that can say they have spent time talking leadership with a U.S. president, but Kelly Perdew can.

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Santa Monica-based Red 6 pitches its technology as the new way to train military pilots through augmented reality.

"Real pilots in real airplanes can go up in the sky and look through the helmet visor system we've created," said founder and CEO Daniel Robinson. "They look out of their cockpit and see virtual airplanes they can train and interact with. We've ushered in an era of synthetic training."

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