Investors are betting consumers will finally take their vitamins.

At $65 a month, Venice-based GEM sells melatonin-free daily sleep supplements made with ingredients like magnesium, rosemary, pumpkin seeds and valerian root.

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The gig economy has reached health care.

Hospitals were overrun with patients in critical need during the pandemic, causing nurse-to-patient ratio policies to drop and forcing nurses to attend to more patients.

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Seed Health, the Venice-based biosciences startup known for its popular Goop-approved daily probiotic, closed a $40 million Series A round Wednesday that it hopes to use to ramp up clinical research and launch new products later this year.

The direct-to-consumer company focused on gut health has watched sales multiply by 20 times over the past two years for its probiotic supplement that it bills as a way to "support systemic health."

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