Women in Tech

The latest news about women in technology in Southern California from dot.LA.

In 2022, female founders saw a 28% decline in overall U.S. funding, while Black-led startups saw a 38% decline in total capital received. In an effort to increase funding for minority-led startups, global venture firm McKinsey & Company is launching InLA, an accelerator program for underrepresented founders.

“This effort is something that the firm has been really excited about for a long time,” Engagement Manager Elkhyn Rivas Rodriguez said. “There's obviously a meaningful and growing startup community out here and just from a diversity standpoint, LA is incredibly diverse and multi-ethnic and multicultural. So we think that there will be a really great pool of potential companies to partner with.”

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Clear Cut Founder and CEO Olivia Landau

On this episode of Behind Her Empire, The Clear Cut founder and CEO Olivia Landau talks about how she turned her side hustle into a business and shares how founders can leverage social media to create community and build brand awareness.

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Howie Liu

On this episode of Office Hours, Airtable co-founder and CEO Howie Liu talks about the inspiration behind his company, and shares his thoughts on the impact artificial intelligence will have on the tech industry.

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