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It's been a prolific run for Headspace since closing a $93 million round last year. The Santa Monica-based startup inked a series of corporate partnerships and even launched a Netflix special called Headspace Guide to Meditation.

In its latest move to push out the meditation app—and eventually land FDA approval—Headspace has brought on an ex-Hulu executive to lead marketing.

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By Tania Tbul's own admission, she's not "a drug person." But the memories of the sexual and physical abuse she endured starting at 12 stayed with her through a marriage, the birth of four children, a divorce and a handful of suicide attempts along the way.

And so, at the age of 45, she walked into Ketamine Clinics Los Angeles in Culver City.

"I was actually pulled out of my body and I was hugging my 12-year-old self and forgiving myself... I was actually out of my body," Tbul said about the first treatment. "After the first treatment, I felt like that gaping wound was starting to heal up. It was like closing up and it wasn't sore anymore."

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The focus on mental health and wellness has become increasingly more prevalent in recent years. But not only can it be extremely difficult to find the right resources as a patient and a provider, there still exists stigma around the act of seeking help. Mental wellness network Frame seeks to fix that, and not a moment too soon during the pandemic.

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