Behind Her Empire Podcast: How a Bad Valentine's Day Grew a Multi-Million-Dollar Flower Business

On this episode of the Behind Her Empire podcast, hear from Seema Bansal, the co-founder of Venus ET Fleur, a company that makes Eternity® Roses — real roses that stay fresh for a full year, an invention that has permanently transformed the billion-dollar floral industry. Bansal talks about the skills she learned from her family plumbing business that have helped her as an entrepreneur, how social media was a game-changer when launching their brand and the importance of prioritizing mental health as a leader of a high-growth business.

Key Takeaways:

  • Bansal's former boyfriend, now husband and business partner, sent her wilted flowers on Valentine's Day. This experience sparked the idea of their luxury flower business -- and they had a sample six weeks later.
  • Bansal and her husband got the rights to a preserved rose grown on an Ecuadorian farm.
  • Their signature Eternity® Roses became Instagram's most coveted bouquet after the Kardashians posted about the brand in 2016. After that, the business demand exploded.
  • One of their early and most-important hires was someone who understood supply chain.
  • Their multi-million-dollar business has developed a loyal customer base which includes celebrities like Priyanka Chopra, Oprah, Drake, Cardi B and many more.

Seema Bansal is the co-founder of Venus ET Fleur.

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