Liz Elting, co-founder and former co-CEO of TransPerfect

Behind Her Empire Podcast: TransPerfect Co-founder on How to Manage a Business with a Partner

On this episode of the Behind Her Empire podcast, hear from Liz Elting, co-founder and former co-CEO of TransPerfect, the world's largest provider of language and business solutions, valued at over $1 billion.

Key Takeaways:

  • Elting launched her company out of her business school dorm room at the age of 26.
  • Her parents instilled the importance of being financially independent in her at a young age.
  • Elting believes that defining goals, sharing them with people and writing down the steps to achieve them can help them become reality.
  • During the early days, Elting's business focused on sales. For example, she and her colleagues made and sent around 300 cold calls and letters a day.
  • She co-founded the business without a shareholder's agreement, a move which she regrets, because as the years go by, she says, there's more to fight about.
  • In a co-founded business, Elting advises that one person have 51% so that person can make the call when the leaders are at an impasse.
  • Elting balanced motherhood and the pressures of her job by compartmentalizing: She worked intensely during the day, and when she was home, made her time all about her kids.
"When people have investors or even if they get a loan, they might not have the same kind of pressure to make sure they are profitable every single day because they're dealing with other people's money." — Liz Elting

Liz Elting is the co-founder and former co-CEO of TransPerfect. She's currently the founder and CEO of the Elizabeth Elting Foundation.

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