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Evan Xie

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2021 was a record year for venture capital, but the bull run is petering out. As the national economy weathers rising inflation rates, a looming credit crunch, bank collapses and a continuing crush of tech layoffs, venture investors are getting skittish.

PitchBook Data, an analytics service that publishes quarterly reports on the American venture capital community, found that VC fundraising, overall deal count and exit value in the first quarter of this year are all trending downward.

The recent report proved what VCs have been saying behind closed doors: the risk-taking that used to define their careers is now a liability, and they’re eager to sit on their dry powder (financial reserves kept on hand) rather than deploy it as investments into potentially risky startups.

Here’s a couple trends in the VC ecosystem worth noting.

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On this week's episode of Office Hours, we're getting a little meta, but for a celebratory reason. It's been a year since I co-founded dot.LA, so we're featuring a conversation I had with my dot.LA co-founder and CEO, Sam Adams.

I couldn't be more proud of this nimble media startup we launched just a couple of months before the pandemic hit and upended us all.

Today, hear about how dot.LA's mission both celebrates and holds accountable the burgeoning Los Angeles tech and startup scene, how DEI is baked into our mission — and why Sam and I, not surprisingly, strongly believe L.A. is the place for entrepreneurs to dig roots.

"Our editorial ethos is — even though as a whole, our mission is meant to be positive and it is meant to help L.A. grow into the next great startup hub globally and catalyze all of this growth — the way that the journalism part of the operation most effectively does that is by not being afraid to point out things that are negative." — Sam Adams
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This year was filled with pivots, pauses and restarts for L.A.'s tech and startup world. In our first year of chronicling it (we officially launched January27th), our most-read stories reflect the strangeness of 2020, and go some way in predicting some big questions for 2021. From gaming to biotech, movies to music, and transportation to education, the shifts have been dramatic. Where will we be when the dust settles from this year? As we head into our second year, we'll keep a close eye on the trends that have transformed some of L.A.'s core industries.

Take our survey below and help us as we get started with year two!

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