Spencer Rascoff

Photo courtesy of Jon Korngold

Jon Korngold graduated with a liberal arts degree, and now works for the world's largest alternative investment fund. Although his road to the investment fund world may not be traditional, he has found success all the same.

On this episode of Office Hours, Global Co-head of Technology Investing and Head of Blackstone Growth Jon Korngold joined host Spencer Rascoff to discuss the private equity landscape and what he learned from Blackstone's first investment.

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Image by SvetaZi/ Shutterstock

Building a startup means going through cycle after cycle of uncertainty. One minute you’re on top of the world, raising venture capital and growing. And the next, you’re facing hard times.

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Image courtesy of Zoolatech

Roman Kaplun left Ukraine two weeks before the war broke out. His business partner, Denis Rogov, was there to see the events unfold. Throughout it all, their software development company, Zoolatech, had employees based in Kyiv.

On this episode of Office Hours, Zoolatech CEO and co-founder Kaplun joined host Spencer Rascoff to discuss his journey from immigrant to launching his own company and how he manages a business during wartime.

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