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Photo by Matthew Peters on Unsplash

On this week's episode of Office Hours, we're getting a little meta, but for a celebratory reason. It's been a year since I co-founded dot.LA, so we're featuring a conversation I had with my dot.LA co-founder and CEO, Sam Adams.

I couldn't be more proud of this nimble media startup we launched just a couple of months before the pandemic hit and upended us all.

Today, hear about how dot.LA's mission both celebrates and holds accountable the burgeoning Los Angeles tech and startup scene, how DEI is baked into our mission — and why Sam and I, not surprisingly, strongly believe L.A. is the place for entrepreneurs to dig roots.

"Our editorial ethos is — even though as a whole, our mission is meant to be positive and it is meant to help L.A. grow into the next great startup hub globally and catalyze all of this growth — the way that the journalism part of the operation most effectively does that is by not being afraid to point out things that are negative." — Sam Adams
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