election 2020

Clean tech companies could see a boom under President-elect Joe Biden, but just how much hinges on Tuesday's Senate election in Georgia.

A large part of Biden's platform is devoted to a plan to "clean energy," with promises to invest $400 billion over 10 years into innovation. If the Senate remains in Republican hands, his plan is unlikely to get as much traction, so environmentalists are looking at Tuesday's Senate races in Georgia as their best hope. A Democrat sweep could mean a big win for California, home to dozens of green energy companies and a national leader in the environmental legislation.

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California voters overwhelmingly approved a ballot measure that expands consumer data privacy by limiting what businesses can do with their personal information. The new law puts a stringent baseline privacy standard in place for the nation's largest economy — creating a new enforcement agency and closing an earlier law's loopholes.

The ballot initiative, Proposition 24, won more than 56% of the vote as of Wednesday morning. The new law is the most robust consumer data privacy law in the U.S. Some privacy experts compare it to Europe's data protection rules, which have had a major impact on what U.S. companies can do with data on citizens across the Atlantic.

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Less than two weeks ahead of the election, Uber and Lyft are hitting new roadblocks after pouring money into a ballot measure intended to protect their business model.

On Thursday, a California appeals court put that strategy into question when it upheld an earlier ruling that the ride-hailing companies must classify their workers as employees instead of independent contractors. The court ruling won't take effect for 30 days, adding even more pressure on the ride-hailing companies' Proposition 22.

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