Last night, Rocket Lab made a big comeback from its failed launch last May. The Long Beach startup's Electron rocket launched a satellite for the U.S. Space Force, bringing their total to 105.

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Not long ago, corporate social responsibility (CSR), was thought to be the province of massive companies that had the luxury to invest in goodwill programs, or had the need to soften their image as heartless monoliths.

No more.

The tenets behind CSR have become more important over the past few years as social and environmental concerns have come front and center for consumers, employees and even investors.

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Back in August of last year, L.A.-based Act One Ventures partner Alejandro (Alex) Guerrero launched the Diversity Rider, along with a number of other marquee venture capital firms, including First Round Capital, Maveron and Greycroft.

It's likely not a shock to anyone that barely 7% of VC investment partners nationally identify as African American or Latino, according to the National Venture Capital Association and less than 10% of VC-funded companies are led by women.

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