This week is national Digital Inclusion Week, but to be honest, I —like a lot of people— didn't understand the significance of this issue until COVID-19 hit. To me, the pandemic felt like a narrowly escaped disaster that I was only spared from because of my computer.

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We live in a golden age for Los Angeles tech companies and startups.

Transformative organizations are emerging and blossoming here. And there's a world-class talent pool in their backyard. From ecommerce to biotech to social media to aerospace and beyond, the future is being built in L.A.

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For decades, artists have had to rely on a music industry plagued with nepotism to reach their audiences.

Since it has not always been necessary to possess real talent in order to become a well-known artist, the industry is fundamentally unequal. Gifted artists looking to pave their way often lose opportunities because they don't know "the right person." The opportunities that allow artists to thrive — including shows, music licensing and selling music-related services — aren't easy to find and are usually shared through word of mouth. Many artists are forced to focus less on music and more on tapping networks of friends, family, and their label to help get their careers started.

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