On this week's episode of Just Go Grind, hear from Steve Massey, co-founder and CEO of the early-stage startup Prewitt Ridge, which was founded in 2019 to tackle the largest meta-problem in deep tech: systems engineering.

The company aims to reduce friction in collaborative design efforts by connecting critical data elements between engineering teams and offering git-like tracking of project-wide changes.

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Weeks after closing a $500 million raise, the 3D-printed rocket manufacturer Relativity Space announced a rideshare agreement with TriSept to carry small and large satellites into space as early 2022.

The Los Angeles-based aerospace company struck the deal with the launch integration provider whose U.S government customers include the Department of Defense, NASA and the NRO.

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SpaceX will launch its twenty-first resupply mission to the International Space Station Saturday and set a couple of new records - if weather allows.

First, this mission will mark the first time NASA has allowed a booster to be reused more than three times. It will also mark the first time SpaceX has two Dragon vehicles on the Space Station. The Dragon from an earlier mission, which brought four U.S. astronauts to the station last month, is still docked there, and will be for another five months.

This mission, dubbed CRS-21, will bring food, equipment, supplies and a new set of experiments to the station. It's set to launch from Florida's Kennedy Space Center at 8:39 a.m. PST.

The weather forecast calls for a cold front that has a 50% chance of scuttling the launch, but — should it take place — you watch it below: