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When the pandemic forced entertainment to go virtual, it created a crush of rookie influencers on Twitch and YouTube looking to cash in on the creator industry.

StreamElements, an Israeli streaming services company with leadership based in Los Angeles, picked up steam by measuring that streaming content for free. The company's platform usage grew 233% over the last year, largely catalyzed by the pandemic.

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As TikTok and YouTubers become the go-to brand spokespeople, companies are looking to use data to figure out which influencers are worth their money and how to best convert their fans to consumers.

CreatorIQ, which raised on Tuesday $40 million to build out its brands and influencer software, uses artificial intelligence to determine how engaged social media stars are and with which audiences.

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Influencers use all kinds of tricks to earn a living from their massive collection of fans, but YouTube and TikTok influencer Piper Rockelle knew she stumbled onto something special with a feature that her fans loved. She's now turned it into an app.

The 14-year-old was taking selfies in her bikini and posing in crop tops sipping on a Philz coffee for her 6.1 million TikTok and 8.3 million YouTube followers, blurring the images out, writing "rare" on them, then posting them to social media asking people to join her fan club.

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