Behind Her Empire Podcast: Coolhaus Ice Cream, Once Sold From a Broken Truck, Is Now a Multimillion Dollar Business

Behind Her Empire Podcast: Coolhaus Ice Cream, Once Sold From a Broken Truck, Is Now a Multimillion Dollar Business

Natasha Case is the co-founder and CEO of Coolhaus, a women-founded and led ice cream brand serving premium cookie sandwiches, pints and bars.

After earning her masters in architecture from UCLA and landing her dream job at Walt Disney Imagineering, she left her corporate job and risked everything she had on an idea and an old postal van she purchased on Craigslist.

At the time, her partner and co-founder, Freya, decided to take the barely drivable van to Coachella to see if their passion for making the first architecturally-inspired ice cream sandwiches could be a viable business.

Coachella was a big hit, and since 2008, Coolhaus has become a multimillion dollar business growing 2-3x per year. Natasha has been named on both Forbes and Zagat's 30 under 30 list and has helped expand the business to over 7,500 grocery stores nationwide, from Safeway to Whole Foods.

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