10 TikTok Gadgets That Went Viral In 2022

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10 TikTok Gadgets That Went Viral In 2022

Part of TikTok’s evolution over the years includes becoming another outlet for consumers to purchase popular gadgets. The app generated $821 million in global consumer spending across the App Store and Google Play in the first quarter of 2022 alone.

And since the holiday season is among us, it’s time to get some gifts checked off your list. So here’s 10 tech gadgets that went viral on TikTok that you can buy for your loved ones.

Scanmarker Air

@simplysalfinds How to prepare for your exams 📑#amazonfinds #tiktokmademebuyit #collegehacks #backtoschool #salfinds ♬ original sound - Simply Sal Finds

The scanmarket air can be a great stocking stuffer and will help any student on your list. All you have to do is slide the scanning pen across any book and the text will appear on your screen. The device also has a text to speech feature that will read the words as soon as you scan over the text.

Photon Mini Projector 

@sonne_projectors You will wish you had this earlier. Shop in bio. #projector #tiktokmademebuyit #unboxing #productreview #roomaesthetic #netflix #amazonfinds ♬ original sound - Sonne Projectors

The Photon mini projector blew up on TikTok in March of this year and pushed many to participate in a “fake window trend,” where people would project a video of a window on a blank wall in their home. Not only can you turn any wall into a window overlooking any destination, but you can utilize this device for streaming and connecting to gaming consoles.

Phone Lock Box


Replying to @freezingmoon999 I hope this helps 😂💓 #amazonfinds #amazonmusthaves #amazon

Another device that is circulating the #tiktokmademebuyit hashtag is the phone lock box. The lock box works great for someone who is constantly on or is easily distracted by their phone because once you stash your phone inside, the device can lock your phone for as long as 99 minutes.

Hanover Lock


The best purchase I’ve made so far in 2022 😌 #fyp #foryou #tiktokmademebuyit #shoptok

The Hanover lock is best for anyone on your list that wants extra security to their home. This device is super convenient or for people who are super forgetful because it will automatically lock once the door is closed behind you. The Hanover lock became popular as various users on the app uploaded videos about their experience leaving their keys at home.

Yeedi Vac 2 Pro 


Just wait… 😳 #Yeedi #YeediVac2Pro #NewProductLaunch #iboughtitsoyoudonthaveto

This robot vacuum cleaner is the perfect gift for people who work from home and don't have the time to clean. Priced just under $500, this device can detect cliffs to avoid falling, has mopping capabilities, avoids objects in its way and when it's done cleaning it empties its own dustbin.

Jacuzzi Mat 


Bath time just upgraded 🛁 #jacuzzi #fyp #gadget #dontgetelectricuted

Jacuzzi’s are expensive and bulky but this portable mat will provide you a jacuzzi like experience in the comfort of your bathtub. To install, you just have to connect the mat to the pump and your bath is instantly upgraded with a built-in warm air function and bubble massage feature.

Electric Heated Blanket 


Well this is amazing #lopwert #unboxing #review #tiktokmademebuyit #christmas #influu

If you’re strapped for time to find a gift, this electric heated blanket is an easy one for someone who loves camping or an athlete that needs to warm up after a long hike or run. The blanket has three different heating levels and unlike other heated blankets that need to be plugged into the wall, this one can be charged on the go with a usb power bank.

Anker 3-in-1 Charging Cube 


FINALLY got my hands on this 3-in-1 cube 🤩📱⌚️🎧 this portable, folding MagSafe cube can charge an iPhone, AirPods, and Apple Watch at their max output speeds! Beautiful form factor and so travel-friendly #gifts #tiktokmademebuyit #appleaccessories #unboxing #3in1charger #amazon #christmas #anker #amazonmusthaves #travelhacks #iphone #amazonfinds #gadgets

The 3-in-1 charging cube can charge an Apple watch, iPhone and Airpods all at once–perfect for any traveler pressed for time. The cube-shaped design is compact and portable, so you’ll stay charged anywhere you go without the hassle of carrying multiple cords.

Instax Mini Evo Instant Film Camera 


Best purchase ever!!! #tiktokmademebuyit

Every seasoned traveler always wants to remember their trip and what better way than a camera that can print the photo instantly? Not only will you have a physical photo in hand, but you can also save the image to your smartphone. If you don’t have anyone to take your photo, the Fujifilm Instax camera also has a built-in mirror that allows you to be perfectly framed for a selfie in front of your next destination.

Cowarobot R1


It’s perfect for lazy people. There’s no way they’re waking over 10 miles #amazonfind

The priciest item on this list is the Cowarobot ($1,799), a carry-on size robotic suitcase that stays with you at all times by using laser radar following and machine vision AI technology. As soon as you lift the handle up, the motorized wheels descend and the cameras will scan you to indicate that you are the correct person it will follow. The suitcase has the capacity to go 20 mph for 10 miles without being charged.

😊🚘 Rivian's $5 Billion Lifeline

🔦 Spotlight

Volkswagen announced on Tuesday a significant investment of up to $5 billion in Rivian, a struggling electric truck manufacturer known for its vehicles' distinctive smiley-face design reminiscent of Volkswagen's iconic Beetle. This partnership marks a unique collaboration between the world's second-largest automaker and a startup grappling with profitability challenges akin to those faced by Tesla. Volkswagen's infusion of $1 billion initially, potentially rising to $5 billion pending regulatory approval, underscores its strategic pivot towards enhancing its electric vehicle (EV) software capabilities, an area where analysts believe the company has lagged.

For Rivian, which has received acclaim for its electric trucks and SUVs but struggles with production ramp-up and financial losses, the investment offers crucial financial backing. The company plans to utilize Volkswagen's expertise in manufacturing, leveraging the German automaker's annual production of nearly 10 million vehicles. This alliance aims to bolster Rivian's efforts to launch new models like the R2 midsize SUV and complete its Georgia factory, paused earlier this year to conserve funds. Rivian's stock surged upwards of 40% following the announcement, reflecting investor optimism in the company's future prospects.

Despite their differing corporate cultures—Volkswagen's traditional, structured approach contrasted with Rivian's agile tech startup ethos—the CEOs of both companies expressed mutual admiration and shared goals during the partnership announcement. The collaboration is expected to yield EV software solutions benefiting Volkswagen's various brands, potentially including Audi and Porsche, while allowing Rivian to maintain its brand identity and separate vehicle marketing strategies. This strategic partnership between Volkswagen and Rivian not only promises to revolutionize the electric vehicle market but also highlights the potential for collaboration between established automakers and innovative startups in Southern California, where Rivian is based. Here’s to hoping these smiling cars will balance out some of the inevitable LA road rage.

🤝 Venture Deals

LA Companies

  • HeyGen, a startup that allows users to generate videos with AI-created avatars that can lip-sync to provided audio, making it easier for businesses to create engaging video content, raised a $60M Funding Round at a $500M post-money valuation. The deal was led by Benchmark, with Conviction, Thrive Capital, and Bond Capital also stepping up. - learn more
  • Pomerium, a startup that provides a secure access platform that dynamically verifies user identities to ensure authorized access to applications and services, raised a $13.8M Series A round led by Benchmark and including previous investors Bain Capital, Haystack, and SNR. - learn more
  • Etched, a maker of transformer-specialized AI chips, raised a $120M Funding Round. - learn more
  • Rocketlane, a customer onboarding platform, raised a $24M Series B co-led by 8VC, Matrix Partners India, and Nexus Venture Partners. - learn more
  • Sift, a developer of unified observability solutions for hardware sensor data, raised a $17.5M Series A led by GV. - learn more
  • LOST iN, a travel media brand, raised a $4M Seed Round led by MaC Venture Capital. - learn more

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From Pitch Meetings to Power Lunches: LA’s Exclusive Membership Clubs 🗝️

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Summer's here, so it's time to zhuzh up your work environment. Discovering the best membership and social clubs in Los Angeles for meetings can boost networking and collaboration, offering exclusive venues and premium amenities tailored for professionals and creatives to thrive amidst the city's vibrant backdrop. These clubs provide a sophisticated setting for productive gatherings and meaningful connections in LA. Here are some top private member clubs perfect for meetings and productive work sessions.

The Jonathan Club

Club Details: The Jonathan Club, one of Los Angeles' original membership clubs, has been a cornerstone of the city's elite social scene since its founding in the mid-1890s. Its legacy is intertwined with the growth and development of LA itself, most notably through a pivotal meeting held at the club that sparked the idea for a southern campus of the University of California—what would eventually become UCLA. Today, the Jonathan Club continues to offer its members an unparalleled experience of exclusivity and refinement. With locations in both DLTA and Santa Monica, members enjoy access to premium amenities and spaces and a calendar with hundreds of social events and workshops throughout the year, providing ample opportunities for networking, personal growth, and leisure activities.

Membership Details: Initiation fee is around $50,000, and admission typically requires that you be invited or know someone who is already a member.

Spring Place

Image Source: Spring Place

Neighborhood: Beverly Hills

Club Details: A mix between co-working space and social club, this Beverly Hills hotspot is a more exclusive version of similar clubs. Spring Place Beverly Hills spans three floors and offers a stunning art collection. The interior is filled with tons of natural light and has an intentional design that fuels members to harness some of their best work. Members also have access to luxurious dining and nightlife pop-ups that happen at Spring Place.

Membership Details: There is a non-refundable initiation fee of $500 and then local membership for people under 30 starts at $300 per month, while monthly membership for locals over 30 is $600.

Griffin Club

Image Source: Griffin Club

Neighborhood: Cheviot Hills

Club Details: Located in Cheviot Hills, Griffin Club LA is a sporty club with ample shared workspace. Following a $20M renovation in 2020, the club now boasts seven LED-lit tennis courts, four LED-lit pickleball courts, two recreational lap pools, a 25-meter family pool for kids, an adults-only resort pool, and childcare services. It's the ideal destination for a clientele looking to mix work with competitive sport.

Membership Details: Membership is by invitation only and is subject to approval. Membership prices at the club vary. A family membership entails a $12,000 initial fee plus a $450 monthly fee, while a junior membership only entails a $2,000 initiation fee and a $205 monthly fee.

Soho House West Hollywood

Image Source: Soho House West Hollywood

Neighborhood: West Hollywood

Club Details: Soho House West Hollywood provides a stylish and exclusive work and meeting destination, featuring chic meeting rooms and workspaces with panoramic views of Los Angeles. Combining luxury amenities with a creative atmosphere, it offers an ideal setting for networking, collaboration, productive sessions, and an amazing Sunday brunch!

Membership Details: Two current member referrals are needed, plus an online application, and a recent photo to confirm your identity. Quarterly memberships start at $675.25, but if you’re under 27, you can pay $337.75 quarterly. However, if you want access to every house, membership costs $5,250.00 annually, or $2,650.00 if you’re under 27.

Little Beach House Malibu

Image Source: Little Beach House Malibu

Neighborhood: Malibu

Club Details: The Little Beach House Malibu is a small, local club for the creative community of Malibu and the surrounding coastal areas. The club is known for its magnificent dining room, bar, sitting room and terrace. It is the perfect place for a truly memorable work meal.

Membership Details: Malibu Beach House is not included in the Soho House membership. If you are an existing member, you can apply for “Malibu Plus” for an additional $2,190 a year, or $1,095 if you’re under 27.

San Vicente Bungalows

Image Source: San Vicente Bungalows

Neighborhood: West Hollywood

Club Details: San Vicente Bungalows is an exclusive, members-only social club located in West Hollywood, California, offering a luxurious and private environment for its high-profile clientele. The club is renowned for its strict privacy policies, elegant decor, and high-end amenities, catering to celebrities (and royals) and industry elites seeking a discreet space to unwind and socialize.

Membership Details: You must be nominated by a current club member to apply. Applications are evaluated monthly and annual dues start at $4,200 plus a $1,800 initiation fee.

The Aster

Image Source: The Aster

Neighborhood: Hollywood

Club Details: The Aster, located at the iconic intersection of Hollywood Boulevard and Vine Street, redefines the modern members' club with its emphasis on warmth and hospitality, blending public hotel amenities with private club exclusivity. Featuring bright, airy spaces and top-notch facilities such as an outdoor pool, recording studio, and rooftop bar, it offers a fluid environment for work, relaxation, and socializing.

Membership Details: Memberships start at $3,600 per year and be acquired by filling out an application. In addition to uploading a photo, hopeful members also have to write a small bio while highlighting their interests, skills, profession, and hobbies.


Image Source: NeueHouse

Neighborhood: Venice/Hollywood/DTLA

Club Details: NeueHouse in LA is a chic private workspace and cultural hub designed for creative professionals, offering sophisticated workspaces, a dynamic calendar of cultural programming, and luxurious amenities. Situated in three bustling neighborhoods across LA, it provides a collaborative environment where members can work, network, and unwind in style.

Membership Details: You have to apply for the Salon membership, which includes questions like “dream dinner guests (dead or alive?)." Annual dues for Salon memberships are $3,000 plus a $200 joining fee. You can also inquire about the Gallery membership for flexible workspaces and offices for individuals or teams, starting at $595 per month, with various options depending on your needs.