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Last week, Indji Systems, a Los Angeles-based software and online services company added its new hail detection technology to its Indji Watch platform. The latest addition to its platform comes at a time when insurers are requiring these sites to demonstrate mitigation strategies and protocols to prevent significant damage to its assets and solar panels.

The cloud based software that was announced in 2008 aims to equip solar industry players with capabilities to anticipate hail events and implement effective defensive measures for its sites.

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Skilled coders and programmers capable of designing and developing high-level solutions to complex problems remain in exceptionally high demand worldwide. While many tech companies are responding through an endless cycle of recruitment and training, bringing on pre-established third-party collaborators with specific expertise and expert teams of developers at the ready has become an increasingly popular approach.

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Evan Xie

In 2022, there was a 28% increase in global cyber attacks compared to 2021. On average, there are over a thousand cyber attacks per organization that occur worldwide.

In the last year alone, we saw cyber threats penetrate some of the largest tech companies and organizations including Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD), TikTok, Twitter, Apple and Meta.

Here’s a look at three local cybersecurity companies that developed software to protect against identity theft and cyber threats.

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