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Evan Xie

In 2022, there was a 28% increase in global cyber attacks compared to 2021. On average, there are over a thousand cyber attacks per organization that occur worldwide.

In the last year alone, we saw cyber threats penetrate some of the largest tech companies and organizations including Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD), TikTok, Twitter, Apple and Meta.

Here’s a look at three local cybersecurity companies that developed software to protect against identity theft and cyber threats.

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Image courtesy of Tricia Han

On this episode of Office Hours, MyFitnessPal CEO Tricia Han discusses her role revitalizing the company and redefining its mission during a time of uncertainty for the company.

“I love a good reboot,” she said. “Let me just say that. That's how I came to be at the company.”

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Zoolatech founder Roman Kaplun. (Photo by David Ruano.)

Custom software developers Zoolatech – based in Palo Alto, USA, with development offices in Eastern Europe and Americas – provide custom-built mobile and web development solutions for a variety of clients, with engineering talent based all over the globe. We caught up with CEO and co-founder Roman Kaplun ahead of last week’s Dot LA Summit to talk about the company’s explosive pandemic-era growth, how COVID helped sell clients on the fundamentals of remote work, and why LA can’t seem to train engineers quickly enough.

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