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Spencer Rascoff is a New York Times bestselling author who co-founded four tech companies, invested in over 50, and was CEO of Zillow for a decade. His first startup, Hotwire, sold to Expedia for $685 million, and his second startup, Zillow, is now a real estate colossus, worth around $10 billion dollars. Now, he’s cofounded dot.LA, a media company covering the cutting-edge LA tech scene. Hear Spencer discuss with other CEOs and business leaders – with a special focus on his hometown of Los Angeles -- how to manage, how to lead, and how to win in business.
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On this episode of the Office Hours podcast, Afterparty co-founder and CEO David Fields joins host Spencer Rascoff to discuss how Web3 has transformed content ownership, what Afterparty offers artists and the future of blockchain-based technology.

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On this episode of Office Hours, Tomo co-founder and CEO Greg Schwartz talks about how his work at Zillow and as an ad executive led him to co-found a digital mortgage startup.

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On this episode of Office Hours, SparkToro founder Rand Fishkin talks about how he turned his fascination with SEO and his gift for teaching into a thriving company, his model of “chill work” and his critique of venture capital.

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