LA Venture Podcast: Lux Capital Bets On Deep-Tech Founders Before They Have Companies

LA Venture Podcast: Lux Capital Bets On Deep-Tech Founders Before They Have Companies

For this week's episode of LA Venture, hear from Shahin Farshchi, partner at Lux Capital. Lux invests in emerging science and technology ventures at the outermost edges of what is possible. Farshchi has fascinating insight on automation, autonomous cars, AI and more.

Key Takeaways

  • Lux is not afraid to invest pre-product, and sometimes pre-company. Lux will write $10 million to $15 million checks for top entrepreneurs or executives they believe in, even if their company doesn't exist yet.
  • Farshchi has seen an increase in deep-tech founders with typically capital intense companies, partnering with investors early in order to access deep pockets from day zero, instead of later in the fundraising timeline.
  • Farshchi expects that while the trend of automation will continue and will lead to job elimination, those jobs are usually tough to fill, and the new jobs created will be easier to fill and more attractive. That said, he believes workers must be educated by employers and educational institutions to be ready for the next generation of jobs.

Shahin Farshchi is a partner at Lux Capital and has a PhD in electrical engineering. He empowers entrepreneurs aiming to accelerate humanity towards a brighter future through feats of engineering. He is passionate about artificial intelligence, robots, space, cars and engines—pretty much anything you might find in an episode of "Star Trek."

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