LA Venture Podcast: Gil Demeter of Pontifax AgTech on the Next Generation of Robotics and Bioscience

On this week's episode of LA Venture, hear from Gil Demeter, the vice president at Pontifax AgTech. We had a great discussion about next generation robotics and bioscience. Pontifax AgTech has over $465 million in assets under management, and is one of the largest food and agtech funds in the world.

Key Takeaways

  • Pontifax is a growth-stage investor in food and agriculture technology, and invests somewhere in between late-stage venture and early-stage growth.
  • Typically, their investments range from $15 to $25 million in initial capital and typically twice that over the lifetime of the company.
  • Gil notes that farmers are pretty sophisticated when it comes to new tech and utilize multiple pieces of software. Growers don't necessarily have the whole institution backed up to analyze it.
  • Gil says labor and water are the two biggest issues for growers, distributors, and many others in the agricultural ecosystem.
  • When it comes to agriculture, gene editing is huge, as is innovation around natural, usually organic solutions to spur growth in crops without having to put more inputs, chemicals or expensive seed into the process to yield a better result.
  • Food tech has blown up in the last five years and intersects with interest in health tech - including food and diet.

Gil Demeter is vice president at Pontifax AgTech.

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