LA Venture Podcast: Scott Stanford on How ACME Capital Evaluates Success

LA Venture Podcast: Scott Stanford on How ACME Capital Evaluates Success

On this week's episode of the LA Venture podcast, hear from Scott Stanford, co-founder of ACME, an early-stage venture capital firm. Scott has been focused on the internet/technology sector for over 25 years as an advisor, operator and investor. Prior to founding ACME in 2018, he was a co-founder of Sherpa Capital. When at Goldman Sachs, he was head of internet investment banking, and was deeply involved in companies such as Facebook, Uber, LinkedIn and Square.

Scott is a proud new member of the L.A. VC community.

Key Takeaways:

  • Disruptive business models and disruptive technology are at the core of Acme's interests.
  • It's a flat culture at Acme, where intellectual debate and disagreement are encouraged.
  • Scott believes Los Angeles has the key ingredients for being the next Silicon Valley, but what worries him is government regulation, the 'vilification of success' and additional taxes.
"By definition, half of our investments are going to fail. If fewer than half fail or fewer than 40% fail, we're not doing our job right because we're not taking enough risk, because the way early-stage venture works is you have one or two successes in the portfolio and that makes the success of the fund." — Scott Stanford

Scott Stanford is the founder of ACME.

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