long beach

One of the largest U.S. electric vehicle charging companies is expanding its Southern California presence with a $200 million investment in California, with $25 million slated for the port cities of Long Beach and L.A.'s Wilmington neighborhood. The investment comes in anticipation of surging demand for electric big rigs and other heavy duty vehicles.

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Elon Musk's Hawthorne-based SpaceX is joining the aerospace hub in Long Beach with a new 6.5 acre facility.

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Seven years ago, Elliot Kreitenberg and his father, orthopedic surgeon Arthur Kreitnberg, built a UV-C light machine called GermFalcon to kill viruses on planes, but the airline industry largely rejected their pitch.

Years later with coronavirus all but wiping out air travel, their machine is looking a lot more attractive.

The founders of Long Beach-based Dimer UVC Innovations are in talks with airlines, transit authorities and others desperate to disinfect airplanes, subways and other transportation vehicles where COVID-19 quickly travels.

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