Office Hours Podcast: Age Of Learning Supplements Kids’ Remote Learning

The new school year is nearly underway, and parents brace for another season of remote learning.

Age of Learning, a Glendale-based EdTech company, has been offering online education to kids way before the COVID-19 pandemic, and it continues to grow.

Have a listen to my conversation with Sunil Gunderia, chief strategy officer of Age of Learning, on my podcast, Office Hours.

Gunderia says two-thirds of America's fourth graders are not proficient in English language arts or math despite the $700 billion that's spent annually on K-12 education.

The disparity spurred the creation of Age of Learning, whose flagship product, ABC Mouse, has brought 30 million young learners to the platform since its launch in 2010.

Hear Gunderia describe the Age of Learning business model, how it's expanding during the time of COVID and what diversity, equity and inclusion measures Age of Learning is taking.

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